About uS


Back story

I Fernando Perez Carrillo, owner and CEO of CRE Photos (Carrillo Real Estate Photos) began my journey as an amateur photographer at a young age, in elementary school, playing with my fathers Leica film camera and learning to develop the film myself. Over the years I’ve kept up with the advancement of technology and bought the newest and best DSLR cameras and lenses available along with many classes and lessons to learn not only how to properly use a camera, but to really understand the concept of what professional photography really is.

Our CEO Fernando Carrillo has over 15 years experience as a professional photographer/videographer. He began his professional career at the same time he got his helicopter pilots license. He would take photos and videos of commercial properties such as sky scrapers, strip malls, vast areas of land, and entire communities for developers/builders and architects by hanging out of the door of the helicopter with camera in hand to capture the perfect image!

Our promise

Technology has significantly advanced since the days of hanging out of a helicopter with a camera. Our mission is to provide the best advertisement solutions possible. We stay ahead in the industry or photography, Videography and 3d virtual tours by constantly upgrading our equipment as newer and better products come out. We strive to always give our clients the best possible deal without sacrificing results!

CRE Photos is a family business. Not only in the sense that the Carrillo family runs it, but that all of our clients are treated the same as we would treat our own family!

Here at CRE Photos we believe each job is as unique and custom as the family who will be buying your home! We operate more like a handyman type situation, in the sense that every project Is unique and should be treated as such. We do not believe in a one price fits all service model. Although we do have a Service and Rates page, that is more to give the client an idea of our prices, for comparative reasons, but the prices listed is the most we will ever charge, it could even be much less! Feel free to make us an offer. We guarantee we will not be beat by anyone when it comes to pricing and quality of work!

With our professional team of photographers and editors we assure you are in the best hands possible. We know how important it is to have the best possible marketing solutions in this competitive real estate market, and how important it is to have your listing up on the market as soon as possible. For those reasons our photographers are available at a moments notice and our editors work day and night to make sure every job is delivered on time.

MLS Photographer

We work directly with MLS and are trusted by the California Association of Realtors (CAR) to work directly with agents/brokers to list the content we give you directly to your MLS listing without having to give us your username and password. Just simply add us on your list of photographers on your MLS and WE DO ALL THE WORK!

Turn around time

Unlike our competitors who ask for 2-3 days to deliver the photos, video or 3d virtual tour and an additional fee for faster than 48 hrs. We ALWAYS deliver in just 24 hours, and same day deliveries are often available for a small additional price. Also we can accommodate you usually within 24 hours, and even as close as 2 hours from your phone call at no additional cost!